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hello minna !!!
long time not posting anything in this journal XD since I'm too busy to do that (well obviously lie).

well let's go to the main topic. 3 weeks ago I had an evaluation of dance class which was the last assignment for 3rd grader. the assignment is MUSICAL DRAMA . my group consist 11 members, 5 girls and 6 boys XD the title is "GITA CINTA GALIH DAN RATNA"
here's the pictureCollapse )

i am the first girl from right side XD am i cute? hehehe XD. yes if I go to school i wear headscarf but when I hang out with my friend I don't wear any XD
Our group had to dance almost 10 songs, it's really suck you know XD we just had 2 weeks to practice and decorate the stage. And for your information, my group is the first group that had to perform, it was on thursday october 13th 2014.
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well I will upload another pictures when I'm able to get free wifi access XDXD
jaa minna bye bye ^.^)/


I'm so sorry to all my friends especially those who replied my comments, my LJ is error during this time and I cannot fixed it now. Due the problem I cannot replying your message or comment.
I will try to fix it as soon as possible XD


Well it's been a long time XD uwaaa I wa super tired of my school project *need rest face* I've did my Drama Musical which is the one of very important project in my study program *since I took social program* I've to memorized all of my scripts and dances and I have to do all of these less than a month *cries* but it's over already. I've done my mid-term exam, paper project, and drama musical BUT MATHEMATICS task wait me in the next wednesday it must be submitted. Well in my last year of high school I think this semester will be as hard as hell. In the next semester the national exam will be held and it little bit stressed me -_-
Oh yeah I will post about my drama musical next time XD
Bye bye. ^_^)/

Between me and Johnny's

well ohayo minna xD
today I'm going to tell you about the story behind my love toward Johnny's boys xD *sound like cheesy drama*

the first I know about Johnny's was because i love reading Dan Detective School Q Class and one day my friend show me the live action and tell me that the actor who plays Ryu Amakusa was Yamada Ryousuke actually we have a little fight before that because I tell her that Matsujun was more handsome that her stupid Yamada but when I say him in the drama I just cursing myself and took my words back it's just like :oh shit, she's right Yamada is more cute than Matsujun" and we searched about Yamada-kun and find out that he is the member of one of male idol group from Johnny's but that time I don't if Matsujun was also in the same agency as Yamada and I don't know about arahi either. we fallin' in love with Japanese idol group that time, we watch all of Hey!Say!JUMP's PV and their drama. ins short I'm the one who still watching over HSJ because my friends like Arashi after that and she's admitted that Matsujun more handsome than Yamada but I wasn't angry because Yamada isn't my ichiban xD one of my friend love News and Tegoshi-kun xD but actually I love all of Johnny's XD

ah, it's getting late and I'm going to warming my food up for Sahur XD
have nice day minna, I hope you enjoy your day XD jaaaa neee (^w^)/
recently I was thinking about why Morimoto-kun doesn't come back (yet) i.ve been like him since 3 years ago the same time when he suspended from HSJ, that's makes me mad until I cried in front of my class when i heard that he might leave the group. really being newbie that time and in a secound your first ichiban would leave was something distressful. just because of that every night I couldn't slept because I over thinking everything and the worst is that time I was in my last year of middle school, I was going to have my national exams and entrance exam for high school. I always waiting and wondering when will he come back? is he going to leave the group for real?

in my second years of waiting suddenly I feels like I put my hope too out of reach. I became pessimistic and want to stop supporting Morimoto-kun but as you know I couldn't do that. although now I always says that I like Nakajima-kun but I could shove away Morimoto-kun from my life that easy since he became my first Ichiban. I really want to send letters for Johnny's or hey!say!JUMP for asking about Morimoto-kun's suspended. it's been 3 years and I hope johnny's will give us detail about Morimoto-kun's recent status.



oh my god he's so god damn handsome !!
I almost drowned every time I saw this picture, I bet you guys drooling when you see his puppy eyes u.u oh this is scan magazine from An An *over excited* I wan't hug him so badly.
why Yuto-kun why you put those expression?!

come back

konniciwa minna :D today I don't feel well but I tried to make post :)

well I really get excited when I watch Nakajima-kun's dorama "yowakutemo katemasu" since there are Ninomiya-san and Fukushi Souta-san they are really lovely men XD.

Ninomiya-kun look as young as his student and I found it cute so much :3 my cousin watch it too :3

lately I feel want to cry because my friend still do their "silent" mode even my seatmate do that -.- I fell like I want to buried or just throw them to the ocean -,-
i do not like when people bullied me non verbally -.-
minna please give me some advises what should I do?

classes are suck !

My classea are suck ! Since i dont have anyone to exchange words here and recently my friends are avoiding me for some unbelieveable reasons that you would laughing at it XDy classes were more creepy than hell ! Im trying to tell my problems to my seatmate since i think she is my friend but i just know that she is the fuckest person in classes ! My high school doesnt turn to be good one, got nonverbally bullying, have noone in classea is the suckest moment in my life ! By the way thanks to my cousin because of her i could think positively XD jaa minna I gotta go because my teacher will come soon XD

Apr. 25th, 2014

i'm still confused about what I'm going to do with this journal. I can't make a stories or my only ability is reading those fanfict that my friends made. I'd like to accept your friend request since I just have few friends and also I need your recommendation about the community that maybe I would like :) *note: i like all of johnny's*. I mostly read yutoyama and yamachii fic.
ah what's now? I never think I could make this blog or let say dare to make a blog since I'm so poor in this matter --'
minna yoroshiku onegaishimasu and please teach me how to use this journal and how to make a good stories :)

intro yo~

well hajimemashite Amakusa Yuri you can called me Yuririn :D nice to know you minna please be friend with me :3